Floortime Korea Center’s official English sessions

Floortime Korea Center’s official English sessions


– Korean Floortime English Class Guide – 1:1 classes taught in English by a native-speaking professional therapist.

Feedback from English speaking families on their child’s autism treatment in Korea:

  • “It’s hard to focus on the treatment because I can’t communicate in Korean.”
  • “Isn’t there any treatment that can be conducted only in English?”
  1. Focus on therapy sessions in English without being affected by the language barrier.

For children of foreign nationality and Korean families who cannot communicate in Korean, or children from families who do not speak Korean well due to their experience of living abroad for a long time, our therapist, an English native-speaking therapist will directly conduct one-on-one offline, face-to-face classes without going through an interpreting process with your child.

This minimizes communication problems caused by the language barrier and helps children receive clearly communicated professional treatment.

  1. Qualified native-speaking therapist. The English native-speaking therapist at the Korea Floortime Center is aqualified expertthrough various screenings and training.  She is working with the center to provide the best treatment for your child and family. She is a professional therapist who has gone through the ICDL Floortime expert course and the center’s supervision education and training courses, participating in children’s treatment programs.

Teacher Gabriella’s profile


Graduated from:

University of Auckland, Bachelor of Science (Anthropology & Biology)

University of Auckland, Postgraduate Diploma in Forensic Science

Auckland University of Technology, Bachelor of Health Sciences specialising in Occupational Therapy


UNICEF (Children’s charity)

Support Worker for Intellectual Disability Service (IHC)

Mobility Solutions (Wheelchair and Complex Disability Service)

Art Tutor’s Assistant (children’s art classes)

Worked at a Community Health Center in Auckland, New Zealand (Severe mental health conditions, art therapy, gardening therapy, sports therapy, OT focus)

Completed TEFL Certificate English Teaching Course 120Hours

​​Certificate in Medical Terminology

Certificate of DIR Floortime Proficient (by ICDL)

Kids Jam music therapy program volunteer

Completed ‘Way to Play’ Autism New Zealand play course

Word from therapist Gabriella:

“I have always dreamt of working with children and their families to help make a difference for them and here I am! I am very passionate about the work I do and the principles here at the Korea Floortime Center. By working together at the Korea Floortime Center I believe that we can bring about wonderful outcomes for your child and family. I put my heart and soul into my work and respect and value the uniqueness of each child and their family’s journey. Let’s walk together and make a brighter, happier future. Looking forward to seeing you soon.”

Tel. 02) 2649-0236 or 010-3428-0236